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Textile and Clothing Design Lab

Ermou 51, Athina, 105 63, Greece
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Lab Audience
  • Designers
  • Textile Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Researchers
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Makers
  • SME

The lab's main features – services include:
- Product design (cad facilities, design software etc.)
- Small scale product prototyping facilities (in co-operation with the Athens make-lab)
- Sourcing services
- Fashion trends, information and analysis
- Training services for SMEs and young designers (e.g. branding, export marketing, product cost analysis etc.)
- Social networking (designers, SMEs, retailers, schools, consumers etc.)
- Documentation at networking with heritage foundations
- Processing and preparation for clustering and new labs development

Key Activities include:
- Consultation services providing access to catalogs and repositories (databases / archives / sample books / fashion magazines, publications etc)
- Educational / training modules for fashion designers in the areas of design, materials, fashion (e.g. history, trends), branding, marketing, etc.
- Prototyping facilities through connections with SMEs
- Design Challenges to select talents from schools / territories
- Online/offline social networking to work as an hub for T&C stakeholders (designers, entrepreneurs, workers, SMEs, tailors, students, schools, consumers, etc) also through events, exhibitions, workshops etc.

The main target Customers are:
- T&C SMEs
- Designers and design schools,
- Heritage foundations,
- Research centres,
- Prototyping SMEs/facilities

Key Resources include:
- Professional staff including: archivists, digitizers, expert designers, facilitators, clusters managers, etc
- Library of catalogs, sample books, magazines, collections, etc
- Design HW/SW tools (e.g. desktops, tablets, internet access, CAD, etc)
- Consultation / training facilities or designers & industry (e.g. workshop room, educational facilities etc)
- Exhibition spaces
- Small scale prototyping facilities (in collaboration with the make lab)
- Access to fashion trends