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Athens, 51, Ermou street, Athens, 10563, Greece
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The Athens place lab is a network of organisations active in Greece sharing a common goal: to investigate the local and social dimensions of clothes making, with new modes of organisation of work. The network currently operates informally, with the Hellenic Clothing Industry Association having the coordinator's role.

The main activities of the Athens place lab is the organisation of different workshops, events, exhibitions, etc. with the main objectives to collect and analyse best practices, to communicate to interested parties the current state-of-the-art in social systems and to generate new knowledge in the field.

Currently, there are a number of organisations that have expressed their interest in working with HCIA towards the lab's objective, including: the Social Fashion Factory (soffa.gr), Organisation Earth (organizationearth.org), the Benaki museum (benaki.gr) and the Athens Impact Hub (athens.impacthub.net). At the same time discussions have been initiated with other possible partners, such as the Romantso Crative Hub (romantso.gr), Cell of Alternative Youth Activities (kean.gr), wildrobe.com, and others. The initial event will be organised in January 2017 and is titled "Sustainability, Ethical Manufacturing & Sustainable Fashion".

Logo place lab