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Carrer de Pujades, 102, Barcelona, 08005, Spain
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Lab Audience
  • Designers
  • Textile Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Curators
  • Researchers
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Makers
  • Artisans
  • SME
  • Unemployed
  • Children
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FAB TEXTILES Research laboratory founded by Anastasia Pistofidou and IaaC Fab Lab Barcelona.
Fab Textiles experiments with the way we design, produce and consume fashion
introducing new techniques and processes such as 3D modeling, parametric design, 3D printing, computational materials and DIY material recipes. Fashion education and the industry are still in the process of adaptation to the new technologies, the digital fabrication and the open source culture. Innovative methodology and multidisciplinary synergies are defining the new era, which calls upon the awareness of the way things are made, the DIY culture and the opportunities that the new tools offer to innovate, reimagine and transform the future. The Fab Textiles lab focuses on four main activities : education, research, entrepreneurship and exhibitions curation.

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