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Gullo Filati

Piazza Sant'Anna n.6, Palermo, Palermo, 90133, Italy
091 616 1445
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Gullo filati was born as a wholesale warehouse and retail store in the heart of Palermo, its windows overlooking Sant'Anna Square and through first floor balconies you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Palazzo Ganci terrace, the famous ball location in the movie "Il Gattopardo" (“The Leopard”) by Luchino Visconti. The company suffered from the crisis in the sector, but also by the new city plan of pedestrianization, which confined the square in a too quiet island for the commerce. In order to fight the crises Gullo Filati starts to concentrate not only on products but over their clients, giving to him the chance to work in their premises. This create a community of knitters from young children to expert old women that cooperate togherer in ther transmission and recovery of the knitting work. A successfull path was to create the knitting cafè a new business model that starts from creating a DIY products to producing small item to sell in the shop