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Hisa sadezi druzbe

Ulica Štefana Kovača 20, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 8000, Slovenia, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, 9000, Slovenia
Lab Audience
  • Students
  • Entrepeneurs
  • Makers
  • Artisans
  • Unemployed
  • Other

Hisa sadezi druzbe is a place lab located in far east of Slovenia – in Pomurje region, the region where the biggest Slovenian textile company Mura was located. After downsizing of textile industry in Slovenia Mura company dissolved and consequently more then 3000 workers lost their jobs. This created significant social problems in the region and increase unemployment to more then 25%. Hisa sadezi druzbe is in fact social volunteering association taking care of socially disadvantaged people in Murska Sobota by organizing different activities for them and educating them in various fields. As regards place lab, they have basic sewing equipment, produce new products mainly from textile waste and conduct workshops.

1.) How place lab is organized?
- Place lab is located within the premises of Hisa sadezi druzbe. It is organized as daily centre, where people can meet, talk, educate and have fun. It has small workshop as well as conference room for lectures / workshops. It is lead by director, additionally it employs several personnel and many volunteers.

2.) When place lab start working
- Place lab started working in June 2016 with organization of first workshops.

3.) What kind of incentive are you programming to facilitate the attendance of the place labs.
- Place lab has received financial support to organize 48 workshops in the period from June 2016 until may 2019
- There might be additional support to labs in providing consumables or travel expenses for common TCBL events in future.
- Place lab will implement the following services:
o Workshops for improvement of textile and clothing knowledge
o Workshops for identification of pilots and creation of new products
o Using recycled material and reused textile for new products/services
o Supporting unemployed textile workers with activities, capacity building, job opportunities, social inclusion, etc…
o Acting as regional hub for creation of new networks, value chains, and identification of international textile business opportunities.

4.) What kind of advertisement and visibility plan do you intend to give to your labs
- The lab is using its newsletter in local language to promote events
- Additionally it uses Facebook page

5.) If you already have in mind possible interactions with other labs or pilots.
- Cooperation is possible with other social and ecology related labs and pilots
Report on implemented workshops: