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Timișoara, Timișoara, Timis, 307160, Romania
+4 0785557389
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Lab Audience
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Engineers
  • Researchers
  • Entrepeneurs
  • SME
Lab Expertise
  • Social innovation

    We are developing a new HR approach for the Garmenting workers using ANDROID technology, allowing workers to have a direct contact with Management.

  • Teaching & training

    Automatical Training based on VIDEO CONTENT shown on ANDROID tablets, which is delivered by AI is our target

  • Consultancy

    REAL-TIME Monitoring of all Garmenting operation is our target

  • Practice based research

    All softwares are based on our International 18 years Garmenting experience in over 20 countries around the world.

  • Creative research

    Latest ANDROID technologies and hardwares are used in our system to be able to develop FACTORY 4.0 concept

Following our 18 years of International Technical Garmenting Consulting activity, we challenge the IT integration in the Garmenting Industry by developping the 1st ANDROID based REAL-TIME system (FACTORY 4.0) and testing it to Turkey in a 12 sewing lines factory(one of the biggest in Turkey).

A full set of 10 different software's independently operating but able to work together as well were designed to cover all the activities of a Garmenting Company:
- Fabric Optimization & Cutting Management System
- Sample Management System
- Production Monitoring System
- Mechanical Maintenance
- Quality

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