Casa Clementina
Pettinengo, Biella it

CASA CLEMENTINA laboratories to dye and print ... with natural dyes, textiles and more, using conventional techniques and experimenting with new plants.

Fabbrica ARCA
Palermo it +390916615645

The main aim of Fabbrica Lab is to facilitate users into a creative environment where they have the possibility to further explore their ideas and create connections with SMEs.

Fablab Venezia
Venezia, Italia it 3470088463

Fablab Venice is a digital fabrication laboratory open to makers, artisans and creative people of all kinds. Its mission is to make available a set of tools for digital manufacturing to anyone.

Gullo Filati
Palermo, Palermo it 091 616 1445

An Haberdashery store in Palermo who sells small articles for sewing, knitting and balls of yarns. But also a point of reference for the Palermo knitters’ community

Palermo, Italy it +39368 785 3546

The Lab was born thanks to Maruzza Battaglia who since 2008 has been committed to the social development of Z.E.N., one of the most peripheral and problematic neighborhoods of Palermo, in order to tra

Lanificio Paoletti
Follina (Treviso), Italy it +390438970335; +390410999411

The lab is a woolen mill. The production cycle includes measuring wool, carding, spinning, wisting, warping and weaving.

Lottozero / textile laboratories
Prato, PO it +393402787854

LOTTOZERO is a center for textile research and networking in Prato, Italy.

Palermo Place Lab
Palermo, Palermo it +3909166156311

Palermo Place Lab will be an experimental place where reactivate knowledge and traditions of the territory showing and using tools to transform heritage into something new. Tradition and heritage may

Sartoria Sociale
PALERMO, PA it + 39 335 5737713

It is a workshop where Italian and foreign young people who may be in need due to social, employment, or personal problems, meet and work together

Textile Museum of Prato
Prato, Prato it +39 0574 611503

The Textile Museum of Prato can be considered one of the most important cultural centres dedicated to conservation, study and valorization of old and contemporary textiles. It preserves a textile patr

Time Laboratory
Prato, Prato it +39 0574 183 59 64

The Time Laboratory is a service of the City of Prato open to all citizens of the territory. It aims to promote lifetimes reconciliation policies, experiencing the comparison between genders, generati

Milano it +39 02 8719 7905

Open technologies for smart communities