PMS - Production Monitoring System

REAL-TIME system of Monitoring activity in Garmenting factories based on ANDROID technology.

On each workstation (sewing machine, ironing table, Quality Control, manual operations) is installed a special electronic device – PLC - which automatically “read” the operator activity anD send all information’s to centralized server each 10 seconds. PLC IS DIRECTLY LINKED WITH ELECTRONIC OF MACHINES WITHOUT OPERATORS INTERVENTION.
Centralized server process all data’s and create analysis. Calculate ON STANDARD EFFICIENCY, OVERALL EFICIENCY, MACHINE BREAKDOWN TIME, TOTAL QTY PRODUCED, for each operator, each line and each factory; all calculations are refreshed every minute

Each machine have a ANDROID TABLET which is the interface between operators and PMS software. TABLETS shows to operators what is their OVERALL EFFICIENCY, QTY PRODUCED, QUALITY PRODUCED all in REAL TIME refresh every minute

Each sewing line have TV SCREENS showing CENTRALISED DATAS regarding performance of that specific line
There is a optional development in progress - Artificial Intelligence separate module called SUPERVISOR ASSISTANT which once activated will create a LINE BALANCING analysis each 30 minutes, will calculate based on mathematical algorithm the actions that Line Supervisors have to do in the next 30 minutes in order to correct the line (stopping one operation, move operators to a new operation, bring a new machine in the line, etc).

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  1. PMS - Production Monitoring System
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