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As a specialist textile company, AW Hainsworth has been an unrivalled market leader for over 230 years.
Abimelech William Hainsworth started manufacturing woollen cloth in Yorkshire in 1783. TCoE labs were involved in discussions with Adam Hainsworth and Leeds Becket University to advise them on their plan to start an on site design hub.
The hub invests in local designers and start-up brands in the area.
The remaining spaces candidates were sought out through the University.
Candidates working within each space will be able to work autonomously as well as interact with likeminded creatives around them. People entering the space are able to draw
on the many years of experience and Industry knowledge of the Hainsworth family and their employees.


There is also be the opportunity to work with the Hainsworth own skilled machine operators and technicians to develop and bring new ideas to fruition. From which new business models and ground breaking Designs and processes can be achieved.
Likewise the Hainsworth business stands to find new concepts and potential new products that hopefully could become firm commercial enterprises. Each proving to interlock University training with Industry and Industry best practices and production processes.
The set-up has thus far proven to be successful, attracting many local businesses, organisations and politicians to the space initiating new ideas and potential business interactions.
The labs continue to be in touch with The Hub and often give consultation time and guidance to its members.