Re-skilling a middle aged person to move into The Fashion & Textiles Sector.

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Umma Razak used to be visually impaired which limited the profession she could work in. Recently she had eye surgery which opened the door for her to change direction. Umma had always had a keen interest in Textiles but up until her surgery had not been able to follow this path. Umma is also middle aged which limits her options. Umma came to The Textile Centre for advise.

Step 1

1) Discussion on preferred roles and skills required.

Ruth discussed with Umma the aspects she liked about Fashion and Textiles and why she would like to work in the sector.
Following this she was able to establish which positions matched these and were achievable goals for Umma despite her age. It was established that Umma wanted a job as a seamstress with a local textile manufacturer.

Step 2

2) 6 week training plan

Ruth set a 6 week training plan through the Make Labs to up-skill Umma, followed by a 2 week Industry placement. Once completed Umma would achieve a level 1 stitching certificate (non accredited).

Step 3

3) Umma's progress and outcome.

Umma proved to be a good student, and although she was initially a little shy she soon learned the cutting and stitching skills required for Ruth to help her go into a placement. This was vital so that Umma would be able to practice the skills and terminology that she had acquired and to further understand and work in the fast paced environment of industry. Although the placement went well for Umma and the company had a role available at the end of it, the hours were not suitable for Umma. Therefore she continues to look for employment in the sector with the preferred hours of work.
The certificate/ training that she has been given along with her placement have given her the golden ticket to do so and mean that for the types of roles she is seeking no further qualifications are needed.


After speaking to Umma; Ruth of The Textile Centre realised that she may be able to guide and train Umma so that she could find employment in the Fashion & textiles sector which was her dream. Even though she was older, after training Ruth would be able to help her find a placement in Industry to suit, eliminating the need for further training. Through the placement and training Umma would gain a level 1 stitching certificate (non accredited) that she could use for gaining employment.