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Regular and networked series of events bringing together people interested in sewing, knitting, etc. in a social and collective setting. Variations can be theme-based (for example, a common project), designer-based (for example, a designer's models offered), product-based (for example, to co-design new generation sewing kits), territorial based (for example, developing a traditional design or skill), etc.


The aim is to raise awareness, build the local skills base, attract otherwise overlooked knowledge, and develop a demand driven approach for suppliers' businesses (acting as host organisations).


Q. How can I get people to come to a TCBL Café?
A. Make sure your offer is interesting and fun; people want to enjoy themselves while learning. Also try to identify some 'expert' users who can mentor other participants. You can also attract people through offers (ex. a designer's models to make) or prizes. Remember that the main purpose is to build a community.

Q. How often should I organize a TCBL Café?
A. You can start on a semester or monthly basis and then increase the frequency according to the level of participation.

Q. How many people should come to a TCBL Café?
A. You need enough people to socialise (minimum 5) but not too many to create confusion and crowd the available space. If your TCBL Café is getting oversubscribed, consider increasing the frequency.