Banana Moon Brand launch- Customer profiling, range building.

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Banana Moon have over 25 years’ experience in personalised clothing. They offer print, embroidery and applique on a handpicked range of garments for men, women and children. Their hands on service and techniques mean they can remove barriers so that customers can create the clothing they want, the way they want it with minimal time, effort and cost. They aim to make business decisions based on what's best for their customers, and are open and transparent with everything they do.

Banana Moon are launching a brand to add to their portfolio. This brand will be their opportunity to service a new customer demographic with a concise well put together range of styles and graphics of their choosing rather than as a service to other brands.


With her Industry back ground as a Creative and Design Manager Ruth Farrell was able to mentor and teach the Buying and Design team. Firstly to establish their target audience, preferred launch date and its impact on the product and offer, branding, packaging and range building a capsule collection