TCBL Innovative Workplace

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Testing a new and innovative workplace for garment assembly that allows from small
atelier to mid-large atelier to scale up the production maintaining in the mean time the teams
dynamic collaboration. A flexible workplace where different types of sewing machines can be
composed in an island configuration according to the work to be done.


creating a healthy, attractive and stimulating environment that valorises artisanal
knowledge, avoiding an increasingly growing alienation among the various workers in the sector. A
team production approach as a substitute for an assembly line batch production, thus recovering
the positive workplace elements from the original atelier methods.


Q: Where is it possible to test and organizing the workplace?
A: This workplace fits with every kind of textile work environment.
Q: How many workers involved?
A: From 4 to 10 workers can be involved inside the workplace, obviously in base of the atelier size.
Q: Can be inserted tablet or another tech accessory to the workstation?
A: Yes, may be done.