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Textile Prototyping Lab - Fab Lab Berlin

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, 10405, Germany
+49 152 51018220
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Lab Audience
  • Designers
  • Textile Designers
  • Fashion Designers
  • Artists
  • Students
  • Engineers
  • Researchers
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  • Makers
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The Textile Prototyping Lab (TPL) is located within the Fab Lab Berlin. It is connected to an open textile area where users can get access to and learn how to use textile machines like the loom and the knitting machine and explore interdisciplinary fields such as smart textiles. Besides that we are currently implementing a Textile Prototyping Lab, which is a more advanced prototyping lab for textiles, supported by the German Ministry for Sience and Education/futuretex. The TPL connects stakeholders from design, industry and research. Partners for the project are some of Germany's leading textile research institutes and d-school KHB. Our main focus and goal is to support innovation.

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